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Barking Town Square

Barking town square, in east London, features in the Mayor of London’s top 100 public spaces.  Its accolades include winning the fifth European prize for Urban Space

Muf Architecture designed the area to create an exciting innovative space.  The beauty of the space lies in the levels of attention paid to detail from the bespoke railing, cast from branches collected in nearby Epping Forrest, to miniature furniture intended to encourage children to play in the area.  In the centre an arboretum features some 40 mature trees, the sixteen species were chosen for their seasonal characteristics to ensure the space evolves around the year

Luxologie’s director Tim Fonfara oversaw the project management of the lighting.  The design needed to adhere to the strict guidelines and brief of the local council, whilst simultaneously enhancing the magical, involving nature of the architect’s concept

Adjustable projectors were mounted at high level  to project light through the canopies of the trees.  The design created a ‘moonlight’ effect casting silhouetted shadows of the branches on the pavement and the concrete pillars of the surrounding buildings.  Snoot attachments helped to reduce glare into neighbouring flats whilst wide optics were used to flatten light on main thoroughfares improving uniformity where required

Key projectors were installed with amber filters, programmed to activate during the autumn and spring months.  In built-up urban areas like Barking, it is often difficult to feel the changes in season.  This concept emphasises the warmth of the spring blossom and the falling of autumn leaves

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