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Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, Leeds

Leeds University’s recently refurbished art gallery features a collection of 16th to 19th century art including influential works by Henry Moore & Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot and John Singer Sargent
The gallery sought the help of London based PRS Architects to create a contemporary space offering flexibility to host its many varied exhibitions.  The architectural style of PRS called for a minimal style that wouldn’t distract from the architecture or works on display.  At the same time, the project required lighting that could adapt easily with each exhibition

Trimless edging profile from Viabizzuno’s System 094 range was used to create lighting troughs in the curved, floating, acoustic ceiling rafts.  The spotlights can be arranged in infinite configurations to light anything from large arrays of small photographs or watercolours to single large pieces of modern contemporary art.  Ultra violet filters were installed within low glare spotlights to avoid damage to pigment and without distraction to visitors.  Above the ceiling rafts, linear fluorescent light fittings were used to create a natural glow of light from above

Throughout the gallery, a Mode Evolution lighting control system was specified to simplify the light settings for the galleries staff.  Simple controls are available to the staff whilst a custom LCD driven panel is available to the gallery manager to allow temporary creation of lighting effects to suit special occasions and events.  Not only does the control system extend lamp life but it also helps reduce energy consumption and increases consistency in the lighting design

Design Services

Full lighting design package

Project management & procurement

Mode Evolution commissioning

Aiming + Focussing

Brands Specified

Viabizzuno Lighting

Lumino Lighting

Mode Evolution Controls

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