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Essex Apartment

The suburbs of Essex play host to this simple, modern apartment.  The apartment, built in 2006, suffers from a lack of architectural features and its north facing aspect results in a lack of natural light.  The creative team at Luxologie were asked to look at the lighting in an attempt to inject character through a mixture of simple, functional architectural lighting and key contemporary decorative pieces

The client’s sizeable collection of mid twentieth-century furniture sits alongside pop & graffiti art.  Decorative lighting was selected from Foscarini, Moooi & Louis Poulsen to compliment this style.   The simple elegance of the Louis Poulsen table lights contrasts against the modern use of Kevlar & carbon fibre in the Moooi & Foscarini fittings  

The bathroom, positioned in the centre of the apartment, has no windows or sources of natural light.  The client was keen for a solution to combat this obvious lack of natural light.  A dropped ceiling was specified with a floating detail along two of the walls.  Dimmable, high-output, natural white LED strip from KKDC’s TiMi range was positioned behind the floating ceiling; gently grazing light down the walls beneath.  Trimless halogen downlights complete the bathroom design providing accent lighting to the floating shelves and sanitary ware

Two dimmers allow the amount of light in the bathroom to be mixed between the downlights and LED strips.  As the brightness increases, the space feels cooler and whiter as if lit by daylight.  When the lights are dimmed down, the space appears very warm - almost as if lit by candles

Around the apartment, Viabizzuno M2 directional downlights provide accent lighting to the artwork.  The use of reduced energy halogen lamps from Osram’s IRC range reduces energy consumption by around 35%.  A Lutron Grafik Eye system and Lithoss dimmer switches are installed throughout the apartment.  This combination allows the mood to be altered instantly, extends lamp life to more than 10,000 hours and ensures electricity consumption is kept down

Design Services

Full residential lighting design

Project management & procurement

Lutron commissioning

Aiming + Focussing

Brands Specified

Viabizzuno Lighting




Louis Poulsen



Lithoss Switches


Lutron Controls

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