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Giorgio Armani, Sloane Street

Luxologie’s director Tim Fonfara was called to provide a lighting control solution at Giorgio Armani’s flagship store in Sloane Street, London.  The store was concerned about increasing lamp life and simplifying the switching of the store’s three floors of retail space which included more than 50 circuits of lighting

A commercial Lutron lighting control system was deployed allowing all circuits to be dimmed by at least 10%, subsequently doubling the life of the 400+ halogen, metal-halide and fluorescent lamps.  A single switch on the ground floor allowed staff a simple single-button control to turn all shop floor lighting on or off each day.  Timer systems programmed to continually adjust with the changing seasons allowed window and security lighting to be controlled automatically, ensuring maximum energy saving.  A separate master control with LCD panel was installed to allow the management to override the standard settings to create ‘mood lighting’ for fashion launches or special events

Design Services

Lighting control system design

Project management & procurement

Lutron commissioning

Aiming + Focussing

Brands Specified

Viabizzuno Lighting

Lutron Controls

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