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Kensington Court

This four-bedroom apartment is located within a classic London Victoria mansion block near High Street Kensington.  The architect wanted to emphasise height and verticality throughout the space for his Taiwanese property developer client

The apartment is built around a central light well clad with contemporary, oriental inspired screens.  The translucent fabric of the screens diffuse light throughout the apartment making optimal use of the natural daylight throughout the day

The minimal style of the apartment was the inspiration behind the lighting which was designed to disappear into the architecture.  Minimising ceiling clutter are twin downlights which feature a single square, trimless cutout – halving the number of lighting positions required whilst till allowing flexibility to accent furniture & artwork

In the living room, the architects have used a floor to ceiling fireplace which divides the seating area from the dining & kitchen areas.  To help create the feeling of increased ceiling height, a floating ceiling edge detail has been employed around the fireplace so that the fireplace appears taller than it actually is.  Linear lighting mounted behind the ceiling detail further increases this illusion

In the kitchen, the cupboards are stopped short of the ceiling with lighting mounted above to again increase the sense of space and height.  A single light trough sits within the space providing multiple directional projectors to light the counter tops and preparation areas without the need to fill the ceiling with downlights

The linear theme of the apartment is continued in the bedrooms with each of the guest rooms featuring floating headboards accented by concealed lighting behind to give the illusion of more space.  The bathrooms also feature concealed slots of lights providing washes of light to key walls creating spaces that can be used for relaxation as well as washing

Wireless lighting control was used from Rako to offer the option of mood lighting and scene setting

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